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“The Secret” Revealed – Watch a Thought Becoming a Thing

by howtolivehappily on May 4th, 2012

Are you one of those people who don't believe that thoughts become things? Then watch.

You'll be manifesting a hand within seconds.


You've probably heard this before:

Thoughts become things.

thoughts become Things

Those of you who are scientifically inclined are probably pulling their hair and shouting now:

No! No! No!
That's rubbish!

And I agree. You have a notion of how thoughts should be becoming things - and this notion IS rubbish - so you are absolutely right to reject it.

But the truth is that thoughts do become things - all of the time, 24/7 - and now I'm about to explain to you how this works.

But first - a spoiler alert:

If you are really into The Secret, I may spoil it for you - so you may wanna stop
watching now.

What do you see here: a hand, right?

Where does the hand start
and where does it end?

A thing, an object outside of you that you are looking at.

But if my hand is a thing, where does it start and where does it end? Where exactly is the border between "hand" and "not hand" ?

There's no sharp border at the wrist; and even where the fingers meet the air there's a smooth transition.

When the air molecules hit the surface of my skin, some of them stick to it - and as soon as they do, they become a part of the hand. Other molecules leave the surface of my skin - and as soon as they do, they no longer are a part of the hand.

So the hand is not set in stone. It's fluid and constantly changing.

So what do you REALLY see?

A molecular configuration - made of atoms and subatomic particles - which you call "a hand".

Or maybe rather a set of colors and shades, of lines and contours and shapes that you identify as "a hand".

See, your computer sees the pixels, but knows no further.

You have a concept of a hand, an idea of a hand - and it's not "out there". It's in your mind. You label the complex configuration you see as "a hand", because it fits your concept.

And if a group of philosophers had a discussion and came up with an accurate definition of where exactly the hand starts and ends, this new definition would be yet another concept - a more accurate concept of a hand.

So the hand is not "out there". It's in your mind. You might have thought that it's a thing, but actually it's a concept.

A thought you took for a thing.
A duck

And if you ever see something, that looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck ...

... try to realize the truth ...

... that there is no duck,

and it's not the duck that walks and quacks.

It's only yourself.


“I disagree. This is wrong. I feel offended.” I am sorry about that. Your opinion is important to me, so please write down all your objections in a comment below.  Thank you.

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One Comment
  1. howtolivehappily permalink

    This realization is very contrary to one false assumption we all live by – even without realizing it: We believe that things consist of the material they are made of.

    To make my point clear, let’s do an experiment together:
    I’d like you to look at this image:
    Ash Tree -
    (Image credit: Brian Green)

    What do you see?

    Let me guess: Your answer would probably be “a tree.” I suggest that you take a piece of paper and write down what you saw. Do it for science!

    In the image above, I saw _______________________.

    Now, what do you think is this (or whatever you saw) tree made of? What are its ingredients/constituents? You surely have some idea about what trees are made of, don’t you? Write it down:

    This tree (or whatever you saw) is made of _______________.

    Next question: Where did you see the tree (or whatever you saw)? Write it down:

    I saw this (tree or whatever you saw) in this location: ____________________________.

    Now think of the ingredients/constituents you wrote down. Where are they? This is the next question. Where are the things the tree (or whatever else you saw) is made of?
    Write your answer down:

    The ingredients/constituents of the thing I saw are located __________________________.

    Now look at all the questions and answers so far. Does this all compute?

    Can it really all be the way you wrote it down?

    Or would it be a good idea to rethink …
    This comment was inspired by the following blog post:
    What are Trees made of?
    In case you think you know, I strongly suggest that you think again …

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