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I Had a Dream as a Child

by howtolivehappily on March 28th, 2011

Hello everybody!

Today I'd like to share with you a dream I had some 20 years ago. Even though it's been such a long time since, I can still remember some of the scenes vividly. This has been a dream that I've remembered throughout my life, a dream that has left a deep impression on me.

Here it goes:

In a distant kingdom, I had a buddy, and we could both fly. We had a lot of fun together. To us, life was just a game, and we were playing it wholeheartedly. There were no limitations - just joy.

We felt so free and invulnerable. So we set out on an adventure: We started smuggling treasures.

We built a large fleet. I can still remember this sight clearly - our ships at harbor, with their big white sails - like some huge chests full to the brim with gold pieces and shiny jewels - gently swaying in the water. We used to fly above them and enjoy the view.

In this kingdom, smuggling treasures was considered a crime, but we didn't care at all, because we could fly away if we got caught.

So we just went on running our business, piling up riches upon riches ...

Until one day we did get caught. Furious soldiers rushed toward us, trying to arrest us, but they didn't stand a chance. We just flew away.

Playing with the gold and jewels had been fun, but we didn't really care. We just dropped everything - and left without looking back .

Next thing I know, we were flying above green hills - with no memory of where we were coming from.

We were soaring effortlessly, the wind blowing into our faces, the grass waving underneath us like an ocean. The green color of those hills was like nothing on earth. This was the ultimate feeling of freedom.

And then I asked myself a question:

Can I really fly ?

This very moment, we started losing altitude. We landed near some village. A Devil jumped out one of the houses and rushed toward us. After a very short chase he caught us and locked us up in his house. We knew that he intended to eventually eat us.

We became his prisoners. He used to leave the house during the day, and kept us locked inside. Sure enough, we spent the time planing an escape.

This is the part that I don't remember so clearly, but anyway, one day, we managed to get out of the house. We couldn't get far though. The Devil noticed our absence and started chasing us - or should I say - chasing me.

At this point I didn't even remember that I ever had a buddy. I was alone, trying to run away from the Devil - but he was catching up really fast ...

If I could only fly away, I'd escape!

That's what I thought - but I couldn't get altitude. I could lift myself just a couple of feet off the ground - no more - and it had become a struggle. Gone was the effortlessness I had experienced before. Going just an inch higher now cost me immense effort - and the Devil was catching up ...

I kept trying harder and harder, gaining some height laboriously and then losing it, moving way too slowly.

I was doing my best trying to escape, but it was not at all clear if I would make it ...

And then I woke up.

So this was my dream. Since then, I've never had a dream in which I could fly as effortlessly. Flying has been a struggle since then.
I've experienced a lot of struggle in my daily life too - and it is still going on.

It took me many years to find out what causes the struggle - and have several successes.

I haven't overcome all of my self-doubt and limiting beliefs though.

This is what makes life exciting: the limitations that appeared real a few years ago have disappeared.

The limitations that appear real today will one day be gone.

Amazingly, a part of me knew this all along - even before I had read even a single book about it. These truths are a part of our instincts - even if we don't realize it consciously.

What a wonder!

“I disagree. This is wrong. I feel offended.” I am sorry about that. Your opinion is important to me, so please write down all your objections in a comment below.  Thank you.

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Thank you!

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  1. Does dreaming of flying mean growing?

  2. Does freedom mean expanding?

    • Wow, you are asking lots of questions!

      I actually like it. You make me think – and hopefully get to a better understanding of my thoughts.

      I’ve been used to think of freedom as freedom from limitations. I guess, this view is quite limiting in itself.

      There must be a better alternative, but I don’t have a ready answer right now.

      Ideas anybody ?

      • When I was in my senior grade I was offered to write an essay on the topic of freedom. Many years later I am still figuring out where to even begin.

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