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Profound Relaxation, Tension Reduction and Trauma Release

by howtolivehappily on February 28th, 2011

Today I'd like to draw your attention to an unusual method for releasing deep body tension. Just within minutes you could be feeling a profound relief you'd never felt before.

If you already know what the TREs are all about, you could skip right to the instructions at the bottom of this page. Don't skip the jaw dropping exercise  below though - it is something different.

You may be familiar with other relaxation techniques, where you lie down and go through your body parts, relaxing each of them, one at a time. This is problematic though, because we try to relax by controlling our voluntary muscles, which is kind of backward. Making an effort to relax doesn't really bring relaxation.
I just tried it....that was fantastic.

--> Get a taste of what you are about to experience by relaxing your jaw <--

The method I'd like to tell you about today is very different - and the kind of relaxation it gave me was unlike anything I had experienced before. It takes advantage of the natural way our bodies release tension: through shaking.

Have you ever asked yourself why we tremble with fear? The answer, it turns out, is because this releases the body tension. In a moment of danger, the body instinctively tenses up in order to protect us. As soon as the danger is over, the natural body reaction would be to shake away the tension and return to normal function.

It's taken me a really long time to find this. I first heard about this from some actors friends of mine who took a workshop on 'tremors.' They never were able to fully explain this idea to me or even what it was for. I searched on the internet for the technique but failed. It now has popped up 3 years later. Awesome.

Unfortunately, we humans have learned to suppress this natural release, believing that it shows weakness, or for whatever other reasons. As a result, we remain tense. The stress remains in our muscles, and adds up with time. We end up living constantly in emergency mode. This is unhealthy, and has a profound effect on our entire physiology, and on our minds.

This is particularly true if we have experienced some kind of traumatic event, or have lived in a stressful atmosphere over a long period of time. We end up storing a lot of tension in our muscles, which changes our physiology and has a profound effect on our emotions.

A way to release all this tension is to trigger the body's natural tension release mechanism with the help of a set of exercises.

--> Neurogenic Tremors <--

The way these exercises work is a combination of stretching and tensing up some of the large body muscles. Putting the muscles under stress eventually triggers a reaction in them - trey start to tremble. This is NOT a voluntary reaction. Don't try to cause the trembling voluntarily, don't try to control it either. Just allow it to happen.

For a detailed explanation of all exercises, check out this DVD:

Trauma Releasing Exercises Step By Step Video Instruction and Demonstration(

You don't need to buy these products unless you can afford them and find the information useful. On this page I will explain to you the central exercise, and it may very well suffice for you.

Here's a brief explanation of the exercises by their inventor, David Berceli, Ph.D.

TRE Explanation

Here's a scientific study about them: Evaluating the effects of stress reduction exercises


Most of the exercises are just a setup for the final one. After very little practice, I found myself able to skip all the exercises except the last one, and easily end up in a state of profound relaxation by doing just it.

Here's how to do the last exercise: without starting the video below, lie down in the position you see. Lift your...

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  1. College Student permalink

    Hello there! Today I’d like to draw your attention to my

    Very interesting language on your page. “Today I’d like to draw your attention to an unusual method.” Powerful wording! And your following sentence sets up pleasurable expectations, instantly I feel open and my eyes eagerly leap to your next paragraph.

    Past the end: “I am sorry about that. Your opinion is important to me, so please write.” Familiar and effective. Same with your next, “I also love praise.” And we love to enable happiness! More powerful language.

    You focus on feelings, on reward and release, and you form your phrasing around expressive verbs. Personally, I feel wary when I see this language, the effect feels like a mild hypnosis and I think “guru-speak.” Perhaps you don’t intend this?

    I cannot comment on the exercise, haven’t tried this yet. You seem knowledgeable, and you write with calm confidence- a trustworthy tone. I see only positive things on this page but I can’t help my discomfort.

    Now typing this, I feel emotionally neutral. React carefully and honestly, as I have. Just know that your language, while expressive and inviting, reads a certain way we’ve grown accustomed to. In the future, take care to avoid language with baggage ok?

    I regret any negative social moves I’ve made here, really I only want to share my analysis. Left-brained, frontal lobe analysis. Do you mind? I hope you don’t mind.

    “Join my quest for a better life.”

    Your header embodies this blog. Join YOUR quest for a better life, join YOU. At heart you are a gracious person, filled with love and empathy. Sadly, I sense a familiar loft in your tone. Guru-loft!

    To avoid this, share more of yourself in these posts, level yourself on our plane. Relate with your readers, be one of us. I feel you’ve spent many years healing the pains of modern life from your soul- proud work. While you share your health and lift others from misery, I applaud your compassion but watch that EGO! These things sneak up so slowly.

    Anyway, take care man. Peace.

    Shit… long post. I wanted to write like, three paragraphs and this came out. You may notice some irony here, I seem to write with your same language everywhere, Ctrl-F “feel” and see how many hits come up. Takes one to know one I guess, now I feel silly. But… I oughta be sleeping or studying now, g’night. Pleasure meeting you.

    • howtolivehappily permalink

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write this.
      I greatly appreciate your feedback. That’s actually what I asked for.

      As for my ego … I’ve got to introduce you to it.

      Egos are cute you know … but mine is the cutest of all.

  2. Just Me permalink

    The second video on your page here is private–why?

    • howtolivehappily permalink

      Oh, you are right!
      It wasn’t private when I added it, but at some point it has been made private.
      Thank you for the heads up.
      I put another video which gives an even better description.

      Did you try the TREs? I’d love to know how it was for you.

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